Ymunwch â’r ymgyrch. Mae’n hawdd dangos eich cefnogaeth i’r ymgyrch, a hynny am ddim. Gallwch ei chefnogi yn bersonol neu fel sefydliad.



Cael trafferth meddwl am syniadau ar gyfer addewidion?

Beth am fwrw golwg ar rai o’r awgrymiadau isod.

  • “To only accept speaking engagements where there is a good gender balance on the platform/programme.”
  • “I pledge to ask our suppliers about the gender balance in their company an help them address any issues that come out of that”
    – Joy Kent, Chwarae Teg
  • “I pledge to help women choose a career in the field of digital”
    – Ann Beynon, Equalities and Human rights Commissioner
  • “We pledge to make sport decision making more reflective of the people we serve…”
    – Laura McAlister, Sport Wales
  • “To make gender equality an issue in your organisation and to be impatient for change.”
    – Dame Rosemary Butler, Presiding Officer
  • “To be available to mentor women around me to help them build the confidence to take the next step in their career in public life.”
    – Dame Rosemary Butler, Presiding Officer
  • “To create support networks in your organisations to help women achieve their full potential and reach their goal”
  • “To create support networks in your organisations to help women overcome the challenges of juggling work-life-caring responsibilities.”
  • “To mentor/coach/support a woman wanting to take the next step in her career within my organisation or field.”
  • “My organisation to review all publicity materials etc. it produces to ensure they avoid stereotyping and equally represent men and women.”
  • “My organisation to only use recruitment agencies that offer a gender balanced list of candidates.”
  • “To mentor at least two ethnic minority young women and support their professional development by 2020”
    – Uzo Iwobi, Race Council Cymru
  • “To encourage more ethnic minority women to actively participate in sport by 2020! ”
    – Uzo Iwobi, Race Council Cymru
  • Help 100 women into the construction industry and in manual trades
  • Mentor a woman at work to help her make the next step and to work towards a wider mentoring scheme
  • Set up a gender balance mentor scheme at Sustrans UK (and share across environment charity sector?)
  • Train our staff on the importance of gender equality
  • Promote 5050by2020 beyond Cardiff into rural communities
    -Bev Pold
  • Support the Welsh Governments campaign to increase diversity in local government
  • Act as a positive role model for women in science
  • Continue to mentor other women and promote 5050by2020
  • Put / Discuss 5050 on our management team
  • Have gender equality on the Trustee Boards of all The autism Partnership organisations by 2020
    – Nadine Honeybone, The Autism Partnership
  • Contact boards to assist women up leveling in their speaking / communications and confidence
    – Angela Durrant, www.thespeakerssecretweapon.com
  • Speak to the board of University of South Wales about their women’s quota of lecturers  on degree course in popular music
    – Angela Durrant, guest lecturer at University of South Wales
  • Instill confidence in other women to take the next step in their career!
  • Work for equality and quantity by finding 6 + women who’d never thought they could and supporting them to be part of the 5050by2020
    – Lizz Roe, WEN Wales
  • Review our flexible working and parental leave policies to be gender equal above statutory requirements
  • Promote the 5050by2020 agenda of equality with our client cohort of start up and existing businesses
  • Look into setting up a women’s mentoring scheme in work
  • To get more girls into engineering
    – Jeff Cuthbert, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty
  • Encourage others tirelessly that it can be done
    – Donna Mead
  • Promote and champion the 5050by2020 agenda to all – through personal and professional networks
  • Continue to promote and support the 5050by2020 within my local Labour Party
  • As a mother, to tell my son and daughter about the campaign and encourage them both to get involved
  • Support 5050by2020
    – Jane Hutt, AM
  • Support the aims of 5050
    -Joyce Watson
  • Support more diversity in our elected representatives
  • Do my bit in support for 5050by2020!
  • Promote 5050by2020 at every meeting and event I attend.
  • Ensure our HR policies reflect and promote the values of 5050by2020
  • Put Women 1st and promote 5050by2020 throughout the networks, events and projects that I am associated with.
  • To promote and take forward at every opportunity
  • Ensure gender balance in all recruitment practices I’m involved in.
    – Ruth Williams
  • Encourage and mentor women and girls to play squash
    – Christina Rees
  • Everyday – in every way help to convince women that they can! Of course they can – Just need to believe it!
  • Increase the number of women cycling
  • We pledge to support 5050 and show leadership through positive action
    – Disability Sport Wales

Gweler mwy o addewidion ar ein Wal Addewid. Saesneg yn unig.